About Us


This is Robert Lee, the founder of this AutomobileInAction blog. I’m an avid offroader and a nice husband who loves to cook and drive. 

I understand how difficult it is to select the perfect tools and accessories for a vehicle in today’s world. You have so many options. 

So many brands and models are there claiming to be the best one. Isn’t it a daunting task to separate the wheat from the chaff? I bet it’s a tough task. 

Anne Frank says, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

I believe that 100%. That is the exact reason I’ve launched this blog. I aim to help you out in making a wise decision before spending money on any of the tools or accessories related to automobiles.

How Do I assist in Finding the Best Automobile Tools?

Are you thinking that I’m biased towards some of the particular brands and maintaining this blog to make money for them?

That’s wrong.

I’m neither sponsored by any brands nor biased towards any of them.

What I do is, write some honest reviews on different tools and accessories, so that you know the highs and lows of anything before buying. This will eventually help you to conclude. I provide a comprehensive buying guide for each of the review articles.

On this website, you will also be getting some informative articles and how-to articles where I will be serving you with different tutorials related to automobiles.

What Do I Consider During My Review Process?

As I said, I shortlist the products carefully and honestly. That’s why you can trust my list without any second thought. 

It’s not like I praise all the products blindly. I mention the tradeoffs of every tool and accessory precisely too so that it helps you to pick the perfect match for your needs.

Here are what I consider to make the product shortlist-

  • It’s usability.
  • If it’s cost-effective or not.
  • The opinion and review of other real users.
  • The product quality, performance, durability, etc.
  • And obviously, some more features specific to that particular product.

Enjoy my AutomobileInAction.com and get in touch using the contact form or comment box for any sort of assistance.