What is the Best Air Compressor For Auto Body Work in 2022? – Let’s find out.

Choosing the best air compressor for auto body work requires some prior knowledge on some key points.

Not sure about those benchmarks?

In this article, I’m going to answer all those questions with a detailed review of some of the top-notch air compressors for auto body work.

Here are the points I did consider to make this shortlist.

  • First and foremost, if it is suitable for auto body work or not.
  • The tank capacity, CFM, maximum working pressure, and motor power.
  • If the unit is quiet or not.
  • Ease of use, and the amount of space the air compressor takes.
  • The overall construction and durability.
  • What the other real users are saying about that unit.
  • The cost-effectiveness.
  • And many more specific points to the air compressor.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in.

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4 Best Air Compressors for Auto Body Work – Detailed Reviews

1. Quincy QT-54 60-Gallon 2-Stage Air Compressor Review

  • This air compressor offers all the bells and whistles to cater to us for auto body work.
  • Draining the accumulated moisture is a breeze. Kudos to the drain valve on the leg of the unit.
  • As it’s a two-stage air compressor, it pumps the air twice and gives you more air in a quick time.
  • It saves spaces as it’s a vertical style air compressor. Perfect for a small garage.
  • It’s relatively quiet, considering the power and capacity of the tool.
  • Setting up this unit is not an uphill task at all.
  • The guard protects the moving objects.
  • Controlling the operation is as easy as pie because of the built-in pressure gauge and on/off switch.
  • The price is quite reasonable for what it offers.
  • A few buyers found the drain on the bottom of the tank leaked. It’s easy to fix that issue, though.


This Quincy QT-54 air compressor is the USA made unit. So, don’t think this air compressor is like those cheaply built Chinese units.

It features a tank capacity of 60 gallons, which I believe is the minimum requirement to get the best experience dealing with automobiles.

This unit offers 15.7 CFM at 90 PSI, 14.6 at 40 PSI, and 15.2 CFM at 175 PSI. The maximum working pressure is 175 PSI.

It’s equipped with a 5 HP motor; It runs about at 80 DB, which is quite ok for a hefty compressor like this.

All this data says, this air compressor is well capable of delivering what it requires for auto body work, and it really does that.

Overall, this is undoubtedly the best air compressor for auto body work on my list, considering the performance and price. You won’t regret buying it.

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2. Industrial Air IV5076055 60-Gallon 2-Stage Air Compressor Review

  • A thermal overload protector is in place to protect the unit from voltage fluctuation.
  • The on/off switch and on-board pressure gauge make it easy to control the operation.
  • It’s not too loud but powerful.
  • This one is also a 2-stage air compressor to provide you with fast performance and more air.
  • It’s one of the best air compressors for automotive air tools.
  • The size of the unit makes it easy for you to maximize your workspace.
  • The overall construction and finish of this unit are remarkable.
  • Running multiple tools all at once is a hassle-free job using this unit.
  • Seeing the oil level is an effortless task.
  • A fully enclosed metal guard is there to protect the moving objects.
  • It’s quite affordable for what it offers.
  • Though it’s not annoyingly loud, it could have been quieter.
  • This unit doesn’t have an automatic low oil shut off system.


For home shop or to use for auto body work, you need at least a 60-gallon air compressor with high CFM and PSI. If it’s a two-stage compressor instead of a one-stage unit, then it’s even better.

This air compressor from Industrial Air features exactly what I’m talking about.

The tank capacity is 60-gallons. It offers 15.3 CFM at 100 PSI, and 13.5 CFM at 175 PSI. The maximum working pressure of this compressor is 175 PSI.

It’s equipped with a 5 HP motor too.

As a whole, this very tool is another top-notch air compressor for auto painting, sanding, etc. that doesn’t break your bank. More importantly, this is another USA made unit.

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3. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor Review

  • It’s quite straightforward to operate this tool using the on/off switch.
  • Regarding performance, it’s right on the money.
  • No doubt about its durability at all.
  • This unit offers the highest tank capacity amongst the other units on my list.
  • The wire-formed belt guard ensures efficient cooling.
  • The package includes synthetic air compressor oil to ensure the longevity of the unit.
  • The metal belt guard protects the moving objects handsomely.
  • It’s satisfactory quiet during the operation.
  • You can effortlessly fill the oil and see the oil level.
  • It provides excellent value for the money.
  • It’s a single-stage unit.


This Powermate air compressor has the tank capacity of 80-gallon that makes it a beast for using it for auto body work.

The capacity lets it provide more air for a longer period, which is quite essential for continuously working in the garage.

Not to mention, it’s also good at the other features like CFM, PSI, etc. that you expect to get from a heavy-duty air compressor for operating different tools like sanders, sprayers, grinders.

It features 14 CFM at 90 PSI, having a maximum working pressure of 155 PSI, and the motor is of 4.7HP.

For jobs like grinding and spraying, this is one of the top-shelf garage air compressors for the money.

All in all, this Powermate air compressor is a reliable, powerful, durable, and efficient unit that you can afford without costing an arm and a leg.

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4. Industrial Air ILA1883054 30-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor Review



  • A well constructed, rugged unit compared to some other 30-gallon capacity air compressors.
  • It runs quietly.
  • A suitable option for DIY guys to do some automotive work on an impact gun, air ratchet, plasma cutter, small paint job, filling up the tire, etc.
  • The wheels offer excellent portability.
  • It’s quite easy to operate with the help of the on/off switch, and quick set regulator.
  • The built-in pressure gauge comes in handy to see the pressure level.
  • The price is quite reasonable, considering the tank capacity and overall performance.
  • It doesn’t have too much tank capacity considering the optimum requirement for auto body work.


While this air compressor doesn’t have a too high capacity tank, at the same time, it’s perfect for a large garage.

It’s because you can quickly move the unit wherever you need it to move, and the tank capacity is not too low either

Overall, it’s a suitable option to do light-duty jobs like small painting jobs, filling up the tire, dealing with air ratchets, etc.

It’s a 30-gallon capacity air compressor, having a somewhat decent CFM (5.7 CFM) and maximum working pressure of 155 PSI.

However, it’s nowhere near to the other units on my list regarding the tank capacity and CFM. Still, it’s a good choice if you are looking for a portable air compressor for auto body work at an affordable price.

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Best Air Compressors for Automotive Air Tools – Buying Guide

If you are still not clear about the buying factors that you need to consider for buying air compressors for automotive air tools, let me guide you.

Here are some of the core factors you need to consider-

Tank Capacity, CFM, PSI, and Motor

Like any other case, while buying an air compressor, choosing the correct tank capacity, CFM, and maximum working pressure in PSI is crucial here.

You should not buy anything less than 60 gallons of tank capacity for auto body work. It’s because you need more air for a long period while dealing with sanders, painting the whole car, etc.

However, I’ve listed a 30-gallon here, just because it’s portable, and a perfect option for light-duty automotive works.

The higher the CFM at 90 PSI, the better. Anything that ranges between 14 CFM to 15+ CFM is good to go, though.

If the motor power is something around 4 to 5 HP, then it’s quite ok to deal with it.

Typically, you will want to get a maximum working pressure of 175 PSI to get the best result. Nonetheless, 155 PSI works well for light-duty jobs.

Two-Stage Pump Or Single-Stage Pump?

Going for the two-stage pump air compressor is always a good idea to get more air in a quick time.

However, a single-stage unit is also a decent choice for auto body work as long as you are picking a decent tank capacity.

Space Requirement & Ease of Use

The size of the air compressor needs to fit best for your garage space. A vertical unit is always a better choice for that reason.

You or your electricians need to be able to install the unit effortlessly, and the unit should be easy to operate.

Fortunately, all the units I’ve listed here require less space, easy to set up and run.

Quiet or Loud?

If you don’t want to anger your neighbors, get a reasonably quiet air compressor for your home garage.

The unit you are going to choose should be within 60-88 DB or something like that.

All the above units are quiet, at least you can talk with others while they are running.

Drain System

Getting an air compressor that features a convenient draining system is also vital.


You don’t want to pour the money down the drain, right?

That’s why it’s always a wise decision to check the cost-effectiveness before you spend your hard-earned cash.

All the air compressors I’ve reviewed here are quite affordable for what they offer.

However, they vary in price. Check before you decide.

Final Words

In this best air compressors for auto body work reviews article, I’ve gone through 4 top-notch units mentioning all their upsides and downsides.

It shouldn’t be a tough task anymore to pick the best one for you.

Now it’s your turn.

I believe you didn’t miss out on the buying guide to get the insights of different buying factors.