Do Master Lock Hitch Locks Safe for Your Car? – Read Our Review

A hitch lock will prevent anyone from ever stealing your trailer. It is a sturdy, reliable, and easy way to keep your trailer hitch secure from any robber.

And one of the best hitch lock brands you can get is Master Lock. It is a super reliable and affordable brand that never disappoints. And it stands out for delivering the highest quality possible without putting numbers on the price.

To help you find the best products it offers, we’re going over a few Master Lock hitch lock reviews. Keep on reading, and you’ll find exactly what you need to know about them.

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Master Lock Overview

Let’s start by explaining where Master Lock comes from and what it delivers.

First thing, it makes everything related to security products. This happens because its founder was a locksmith back in 1921. He started the company in Wisconsin, and since then, it has become a significant contender to other security brands in the market.

All products from this brand are affordable yet well-made. From padlocks to combination locks, safes, and hitch locks – you’ll find all kinds of security items on its catalog. But it certainly stands out for its trailer locks.

What makes this brand so good is the cost you pay for the quality you get. You won’t get any better manufacturer when it comes to affordability in amazing products. And only for that, this brand becomes a must-consider option.

5 Best Master Lock Hitch Locks Reviews

Now that you have a better idea of what you may encounter, let’s head directly into the reviews. We found 5 of its best products and reviewed their features & quirks. Here’s what we found:

1. Master Lock 389DAT Universal Size Review

  • An excellent, bright red appearance discourages robbers
  • Thick & reliable build resists prying, picking & shocks
  • High-quality build prevents corrosion & rust
  • Matches well with almost all coupler sizes
  • Fits loosely on large hitches
  • The slightly unreliable cast-iron build won’t be the most resilient


As you can guess from its appearance, it is utterly red and bright, ideal for discouraging robbers from even getting close to your trailer. It alerts, at first sight, that the hitch is locked, and there’s no way to hook anything to it.

The thick design and super sturdy construction make it one of the most reliable out there too. And with its unique rust & corrosion resistance, you can rest assured it will protect your trailer to the max.

It is also compatible with most coupler sizes, going from 1-7/8-inch to 2-inch and even 2-5/16-inch. If your trailer has an unconventional size that doesn’t match other fixed-size couplers, you may find an excellent choice in this one.

And it still manages to prevent picking, prying, and even shocks. Getting rid of this lock won’t be a piece of cake for any thug.

What’s even better, it boasts a unique key that prevents anyone from using similar ones on the lock. If you want to rely heavily on a lock that doesn’t let just any key open it, then this is your best bet.

Overall, it leaves no space for robbers to benefit from this lock. It is one of the highest quality options you will find, and it won’t break your wallet.

We have another roundup article on Best Trailer Hitch Lock. We listed this lock there as well.

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2. Master Lock 377KA Universal Size Review

  • High-quality zinc construction stands all kinds of weather
  • Reliable mechanism is resistant to prying & picking
  • The practical design fits all types of coupler sizes
  • Super easy & convenient locking system
  • Doesn’t fit as tight as expected
  • The “one key fits all” makes it a little unreliable


Another universal model from Master Lock is the 377KA. It goes well with almost any type of coupler, and it still manages to protect really well.

The first thing you’ll notice is a zinc construction. This exterior fights corrosion and prevents rust. But the real advantage comes from its shiny appearance. It will keep robbers away by telling them it is out of reach at first sight.

But it is not only how resistant it is in the interior, but how resilient it is overall. It comes with picking & prying resistance. Breaking through this lock won’t be a piece of cake. And with its advanced locking mechanism, you can expect a super reliable experience at all times.

Installing and removing this piece is also a piece of cake. Despite having a super-secure mechanism, what truly makes it stand out is the smoothness. You can put it on and take it off without making much of an effort.

And sure enough, it is a universal lock. Making it work with couplers of 1-7/8-inch, 2-inch, and even 2-5/16-inch will be a piece of cake. It will fit like a gem and protect like a dog.

Finally, you get two keys with the lock. That will make it more convenient overall, so you can share it or just have a spare key if needed. For those who want reliability and practicality at the same time, this excellent Master Lock option will be a fantastic choice.

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3. Master Lock 1469 Receiver Lock Review

  • Sturdy & resilient stainless steel build
  • Boasts a Weather Tough seal for moisture & dirt resistance
  • Straightforward Push To Lock mechanism for easy use
  • The versatile swivel head makes it easy to adjust
  • The locking mechanism may get stuck over time
  • The colors tend to fade within weeks


A receiver lock doesn’t have to a bad choice. The simplicity and ease of use make it super helpful to keep your trailer safe. You can make it work with 2-inch and 2-1/2-inch couplers. Despite its simple design, it goes well with most trailers. It offers the needed versatility so you can secure your vehicle without problems.

But the real advantage comes from its extra-tough design. It boasts a Weather Tough seal that keeps it safe from any water entering inside. Also, it stays free from moisture and dirt. That’s a huge advantage compared to other designs. And it can still handle 10,000-pound loads without problems.

Despite its sturdiness, this lock is still super easy to use. It comes with a Push To Lock mechanism that you only need to piece together and push to the pin to lock. This will make it secure but will also provide excellent durability.

And it all comes down with its excellent stainless steel build. It is one of the best materials you can get for locks, ideal for its moisture resistance and overall smoothness.

Apart from all that, it boasts a swivel head. This head allows a more versatile installation and still manages to stay safe for a long time. For those who want to get something simple that takes not much effort to use, the Master Lock 1469 won’t let them down.

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4. Master Lock 379ATPY Review

  • Top-notch zinc build stands all conditions
  • The sturdy construction resists prying & picking
  • The unique re-keyable design adds extra convenience
  • Ideal appearance for deterring robbers
  • May let moisture inside the mechanism & get stuck
  • Not as tough against hammering as others are


Yet another universal lock, this time, the 379ATPY – a high-quality model that stands all kinds of weather conditions and won’t break too easily. This comes directly from the zinc alloy construction. It manages to resist corrosion and rust, and prevent moisture from causing damage.

It also boasts a universal design. You can make it work with almost all types of couplers. It fits well on 1-7/8-inch models as well as 2-inch ones and even 2-5/16-inch options. You won’t have limits to where you can use this lock.

The design is still easy to use with an advanced locking mechanism. Opening it and locking it won’t take more than just a few seconds. And it still manages to resist prying & picking, so you can rest assured it won’t break or open easily to burglars.

Another interesting part is the re-keyable cylinder. You can change the cylinder when needed so you can eventually use any other key and enjoy a convenient experience.

Lastly, it has a spotty appearance. The white grains on the black material will make sure that every robber knows there’s a lock in place. That will probably discourage most thieves from even trying to get the trailer.

In short, it is a pretty reliable and well-made zinc lock that offers decent versatility and convenience. And for the price, it is a total steal.

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5. Master Lock 379DAT Trailer Lock Review

  • Excellent steel construction with plastic components
  • Goes well with all kinds of coupler sizes
  • Grainy appearance may deter robbers at first sight
  • A straightforward and secure mechanism for safety & ease of use
  • Light and flimsy build may not resist as much as expected
  • Fits loosely on most hitches

Decently affordable, easy to use, and outstanding reliability – the 379DAT Trailer Lock is an excellent choice in its entirety.

As you can guess, it comes with a sturdy steel build and a few plastic parts. It will handle all kinds of prying & picking, as well as hammer hits and smash. If someone tries to break this lock, they will have to try super hard.

Apart from that, it doesn’t weaken over time – even after years. It is totally resistant to rust and corrosion, so you can use it freely in any place.

The lock still manages to be easy to use. You can open and lock in seconds, so securing your trailer becomes less work than you expect. On top of that, it fits a wide array of couplers. From 1-7/8-inch models up to 2-5/16-inch and even the mid-sized 2-inch hitches – this lock fits almost all of them.

Also, the design is unique in both appearance and locking mode. You won’t have to grab it awkwardly to make it work, or eventually struggle to get it off. And sure enough, it still manages to deter burglars from far away, as it boasts a black/metallic look.

Pairing everything together will give you one of the most resilient & well-made locks in the market. If you want something that stands out in both durability & ease of use, then this one can fit your needs entirely.

And the best of all is the cost. You won’t find models so well-made and practical for such a fantastic price. So that’s something you should not dismiss.

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Final Words

As you see, Master Lock is one of those brands that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Every single hitch lock on this article stands its ground, making sure your trailer won’t get stolen too easily.

Remember that they’re all different. While they come from the same brand, you’ll find that each option offers slightly different advantages & disadvantages. So pay attention to what you’re getting before making any final choice.

In the end, just make sure to pick something from our Master Lock hitch lock reviews. These are the best models you’ll find from this brand, so don’t waste your time looking for an alternative.