Is Trimax Hitch Lock Worth Buying in 2020? – Read Our Review

Securing your trailer from burglars has never been easy. You will need a sturdy & reliable lock that keeps anyone from breaking through the hitch and take the vehicle away. And finding one of those can be a little tricky.

Luckily, if you’re looking for one of these locks that won’t let you down, then Trimax can be your go-to brand. It is one of the most reliable, affordable, and popular brands out there – so it is totally worth your consideration.

That’s why we’re going over several Trimax hitch lock reviews so you can learn everything there is to know about its best products.

You’ll end up with sufficient information to make an intelligent decision and end up with the right hitch lock. So, are you ready to start learning what this brand has to offer? Then come and read!

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Trimax Overview

Being in the business of locks for over 20 years, this brand ensures one of the highest reliabilities in the market.

It produces all kinds of locks you can think of, for all sorts of uses. You can find locks for bicycles, marine vehicles, power sports, towing, and RVs. And every single one of these locks stands years of use and provides outstanding results.

Sure enough, its hitch locks are among the best of its products. In fact, you may find them the most popular thing about this brand – and you’ll learn why soon.

While you won’t find Trimax as affordable as other brands, it makes sure that the extra numbers on the cost translate into more reliability. And that’s something you shouldn’t dismiss.

4 Best Trimax Hitch Locks Reviews

After learning a little about Trimax, let’s now go over 5 of its best products. We analyzed each one of these locks looking for advantages & disadvantages. Here’s what we found:

1.  Trimax Umax100 Premium Review

  • Dual-ratchet lock system ensures extra safety at all times
  • Weather-resistant ballistic-grade nylon housing
  • The spring-loaded key provides ultra-safety when using
  • High-quality hardened steel build for durability
  • The wide design doesn’t fit tightly on the coupler
  • Hollow bars are not as reliable as expected


The UMAX100 Premium is one of the most affordable models from Trimax. But its affordability doesn’t mean lack of quality – but the other way around. This brand uses some of the highest-quality builds with a ballistic-grade nylon housing for looks & corrosion resistance.

It goes well with hardened steel protection and a spring-loaded mechanism for safety. And it stands even the harshest of weather conditions and ensures you can always use it in the most challenging situations without losing quality. And with the unique housing, it will support hammer blows without problems.

Moreover, the lock also boasts a dual-ratchet lock system. Along with the spring-loaded mechanism, it delivers a super-secure system. From drilling to prying and even picking, nothing will break this lock.

Another interesting factor is the one-size-fits-all design. You can make it work with almost all types of couplers, going from the smallest 1-7/8-inch models up to the largest 2-5/15-inch ones.

Also, the keyhole is also practical & resilient. It prevents any type of dirt or grime from entering inside. And with its “Type A” key design, you will receive an extra smooth operation.

Overall, it leaves no space for mediocre security level, ease of use, or even appearance. It will stand out to make sure that stealing your trailer is not an easy job.

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2.  Trimax UMAX50-KA Premium Review

  • Super sturdy & resilient solid steel build
  • Hardened crossbar increases lock protection
  • Extra-safe nylon housing & epoxy finish
  • Anti-picking key-lock increases safety
  • Keylock may get stuck over time
  • Can be difficult to attach in 2-5/16-inch ball hitches


Coming back to simple designs, let’s no go over the UMAX50-KA. It is an easy-to-use and reliable model that increases your trailer safety exponentially.

The entire lock is made of high-quality solid steel. This construction ensures superb durability and prevents any type of breakage or corrosion. Even with the hardest hammer blows, or with the harshest weather conditions, this lock will withstand and surpass expectations.

It also comes with a versatile design that matches several types of hitches. You can get it working with 1-7/8-inch, 2-inch, and even 2-5/16-inch modes without problems. Whether you have a small or large trailer, this lock will meet your needs.

But the real advantage of getting this lock is the unique 5/8-inch hardened steel shackle. This is a unique component that ensures you’re trailer is always secure at all times. The arms will stand all types of picking & prying as well, especially with the dual-locking mechanism.

And the hardened steel crossbar, the ballistic-grade nylon housing, hammer-resistant epoxy finish, and the anti-picking locking system will make sure no one can break through this lock.

If you want something that stands years of use, that prevents burglars from getting through, and at the same time is a piece of cake to use – this is the lock you need. The best of all is the cost. You won’t have any problem spending a few bucks and still getting fantastic results.

If you’re interested and looking for Trailer Hitch lock Reviews and a detailed Buying guide. Then you can check our review article.

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3.  Trimax T5Black – Hitch Pin Review

  • Super well-made with stainless steel build
  • The epoxy coating prevents rust & corrosion
  • Unique O-ring & watertight cap keep it safe internally
  • Reliable turn & key design for extra safety when using
  • The black epoxy coating may wear off over time
  • The awkward mechanism can be difficult to use


If there’s a type of lock that we can’t ever overlook, then that’s the receiver lock. The T5Black from Trimax is precisely that. This is a 5/8-inch by 3-1/2-inch model that you can use in most V-hitches. It will protect your trailer really well and still make it easy to use.

The material is stainless steel. It will prevent any type of hammering, drilling, or sawing to cause damage. Opening it won’t be easy even for the most decided or experienced burglar, as it can withstand up to 32,000 pounds of force.

You will also get a black epoxy powder coat, excellent for durability and weather resistance. It will make it ideal for withstanding all types of weather conditions while ensuring no corrosion or rust.

And with the O-ring along with a watertight cap, you won’t experience any type of moisture or dirt inside the piece. This will add to its overall durability & resilience.

Also, the best safety feature is the 1/4-turn design, so it doesn’t lock falsely or open whenever it shouldn’t. That will add extra security to the piece, which ensures no one can steal it.

Another interesting factor to consider is the unique key design. It will open and close the piece effortlessly. That adds up to its versatility and ease of use. Pair everything it offers together, and you will receive an outstanding piece in its entirety – not an option to overlook.

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4.  Trimax SXT-5 Review

  • Goes well with all kinds of V-hitch systems
  • High-quality stainless steel build for durability
  • Extra-sturdy pin stands all types of damage
  • Sealed with O-ring & rubber cap for internal safety
  • Fragile keys may demand careful use
  • Design can be too long for some V hitches

Coming back with the receiver locks, we now meet the Trimax SXT-5. It is a straightforward and well-made model for those who want to take their trailer safety to the next level.

Just like the previous model, it boasts a 5/8-inch pin, ideal for most Class V hitches. It won’t be a problem to match with any of these couplers that demand something specific to get locked.

However, it is not the compatibility that makes it such a great choice, but its overall construction. Coming with stainless steel in its entirety, you will get a super secure lock that no one will be able to break. Even the locking pin withstands tons of strain, including drilling, sawing, and hammering.

You will also get a protective rubber cap on the keyhole. It prevents any water, dirt, dust, or grime from entering inside. This will ensure that you always get a smooth key system. And it doesn’t matter where you place it; the lock will last for years.

There’s also an O-ring seal. It keeps the locking mechanism free of dirt and water, as well. That produces an even smoother lock, so no matter where you use it – this lock will surpass expectations.

To use it, you will only need to do a 1/4 turn of the key. This unlocks the head and leaves it ready to be placed inside the hitch. Then you un-turn the 1/4 move, and it is locked again. Apart from that, it prevents any pop or false-locked opening. Even the most experienced robber will struggle with this lock.

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Final Words

When it comes to Trimax locks, you’ll find that it doesn’t leave any single quality factor behind. From the construction to the ease of use and the unique features that you won’t find anywhere else – everything combines to make each hitch lock in this article an excellent choice.

Whatever you pick, it will be totally worth it. Still, make sure to read all our Trimax hitch lock reviews if you want to be totally sure of your choice. That will give you a significant advantage when choosing.

In the end, it all comes down to your needs. You’ll have enough to pick for almost any kind of trailer hitch in several levels of safety. So follow our advice and recommendations, you won’t regret it.

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