Your air compressor making Noise? We have Discussed 6 common reasons here.

Your air compressor is making noise, nothing unusual. There are some ways to get rid of the excessive sound level.

But why is your air compressor making a noise in the first place?
Let me discuss that in this article.

I’m going to write down some of the common reasons behind air compressors making noise and the ways to fix them in brief.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Here are 6 Reasons: Why an Air Compressor Could Make Noise

The common reasons why air compressor is making noise are –

  • Loose parts
  • Crankcase issue.
  • Mounting error.
  • Piston issues.
  • Air escaping.
  • Interference.

Loose Parts

Loose parts inside the air compressor unit is one of the most common reasons behind unusual noises. Once you hear a weird noise or loud noise from the unit, you have to check if they are in place tightly.

The pulley might require your attention. You should also check the cooler, belt, belt guard, flywheel, clamps, or some other accessories along with the pulley.

If you are not familiar with this type of work, hire a professional to get the job done perfectly. This is true for every other point I’m going to mention below.

Crankcase Issue

A crankcase is another possible source of the air compressor’s loud noise. Check if the crankcase/crankshaft requires oil or not. Besides oil deficiency, you should also check to see if you need to change the bearing or not. Also, make sure it’s bolted tightly.

In the worst case, you might need to replace the entire crankcase. But this is the last thing you would want to do. So first, check to see the other causes and, if required, hire a professional to fix them.

Mounting Error

Improper mounting is certainly a cause of increased noise levels which I believe is quite essential to detect and solve.

You might mount the air compressor unit to the floor. First, make sure it’s mounted and anchored tight. The bolts that are responsible for holding the unit down require to be in a tight position. Otherwise, it would make noise.

Moreover, you should check to see if the vibration pads are in good condition. They might be misplaced, worn, or go missing. Replace them with new ones to solve this issue.

Piston Issues

The piston is probably heating the valve plate and making the noise.


Look, if the piston gathers dirt and debris, it might start hitting the valve plate.

If you hear the banging sound, open the cylinder head to inspect if this is the case. In case the pistons are dirty, clean them. After cleaning, put it back, replace the old gasket with a new one, and then reattach the cylinder head.

If the piston or connecting rod is broken, buying a new air compressor would be a better decision than repairing it as it costs the same.

Air Escaping

It’s quite usual that you hear a hissing sound because of a line or connection fault. First, you need to check the oil feed line to see if the piston seal is damaged and making a bubbling sound. The pressure gauge is probably letting some air escape and making noise.


If different parts of the unit are not moving freely, it is the culprit for making noise for sure. Check if the flywheel, belt, compressor fan are doing their job freely without any interference, and they are clear of dirt and debris.

Final Words

Generally, air compressors are loud except for a few that are particularly made quiet. However, making unusual noise is not the ideal condition you are expecting to have.

Excessive noise of the air compressor is certainly annoying. It bothers you while working. In addition, it might be a cause of your hearing problem in the future if you are constantly working in a loud environment.

Moreover, the unit is making noise means there is something wrong there.
That’s why it’s quite essential to address the noise issue, find out the cause and fix it accordingly before it’s too late.

I tried to list down some of the most common reasons behind excessive sounds and provided some tips to eliminate those issues.

Additionally, I’ve written a separate article on the ways to reduce excessive air compressor noise significantly.

Now it’s your turn!

Do regular maintenance. Reduce the chance of big loss.